Invisibility ON

I live in Southern California and have never punched a baby in anger.

-Things that Are Square radio
-Moon Pearl [The loud band I am in]
-My Dear Wormwood [the quiet band I am in]



Do you enjoy live music? Oh man. I totally know two dates and locations where it will be happening. Bonus: our band is playing at both of them. Double bonus: with rad bands.

May 31st: Kick May to the curb with the very awesome White Rainbow, Crown Plaza, N O W, and your friends in Moon Pearl. It’s all going down at LA staple of wonderful music: The Smell. RSVP here!

June 1st: A mere 24 hours after the White Rainbow show, Moon Pearl are playing with A Hawk and a Hacksaw, thereby bringing us 25% of the way to our “play shows with all members of Neutral Milk Hotel” goal. This one is going down at the Bootleg Bar, and you can buy tickets right here.

I don’t want to spread rumors or create panic, but Moon Pearl is losing two members to grad school starting this summer, so who knows what the future holds. I suggest seeing us at these shows, just in case.